Why Reggae?

Kind of funny, eh! Why would a Swiss/Danish teenager, raised in a land of soldiers be touched by the words and sounds of Caribbean music? I sure didn’t know why 30 years ago. These days I have a very faint clue….

[wiki]Buffalo Soldier[/wiki], one of the later songs by [wiki]Bob Marley[/wiki], might resonate with somebody who has been [wiki title=”Conscription”]drafted[/wiki], [wiki title=”Objectification”]objectified[/wiki] or [wiki title=”Commodification”]commodified[/wiki]. It’s a passive thing. Resistance is futile. Maybe deep down a kernel of my true self can be preserved. There may be survival. Scarring. [wiki title=”Redemption Song”]Redemption[/wiki].

Be good! Do as you’re told! My reward awaits me [wiki title=”Get Up, Stand Up”]six feet under[/wiki] (heaven is under the earth). The same sentiment I also feel in [wiki]The Harder They Come[/wiki] by [wiki]Jimmy Cliff[/wiki]. I, too, tend to distrust promises that nobody I know has seen materialize. These songs mean something to me. I never knew what they meant to their authors.

[wiki]Three Little Birds[/wiki], to me, is a love song. I loved this song so much, I wrote a similar one, Little Birdie, later in life (2010). [wiki title=”Is This Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers song)”]Is this Love[/wiki]? I wanna know. [wiki]No Woman, No Cry[/wiki], we’ve overcome before. [wiki title=”One Love/People Get Ready”]One Love[/wiki].

All my favourite reggae songs seem to inspire [wiki]empathy[/wiki], togetherness, [wiki]love[/wiki] and heaven on earth, Rootedness and Positivity.

I don’t “like” reggae. I [wiki]love[/wiki] it.

Published by

Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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