Thanks Everybody

Hi Everybody!

My CD “Heartbeat” is finally released! In the excitement of the release performance, I forgot to thank several people. It is astonishing how much work is being done by others! These are the people who helped:

The Valley Vibrations,

  • Aran Silmeryn, singer,guitar player, performer and one of the best sports I ever knew.
  • Ariana Nasr, I could write a book about the things you taught me. You complete the music. You’ve picked up the pieces many times!
  • Cailun Campbell, you play the bass while teaching me how to learn. You’re a ray of sunshine for all you play with.
  • Denise Aspinall, I love your voice and your singing. May I always drink from that mug of yours! May the Shannon rise for you!
  • Donna Holmes, you’re a singer! Producer, promoter, emcee, actress and a pillar of our performing arts communities…
  • Hannah Clausen, you are an artist! May your voice be heard and your heart be seen.
  • Ken Shorley who, every one knows, can chip at the granite of time, without haste, and expose, the inside that flows.

The Hands,

  • Alice, thanks you for the wonder, for the land, for your positivity, and your helping hand!
  • Graham Colwell, you’re the soul of calm and support.
  • Heidi Kalyani, you’re such an artist! Eyes and ears delight in your work! Thanks for traveling with the vibrations.
  • Marie Jardine, thank you for being there, again! You don’t forget, even if I do! Cheers!
  • Mike Milne, you’re a great friend. Sharing the road with you is always entertaining!
  • Wayne Walker for some amazing photographs!

The Hearts,

  • Gidda Voss Thut, without your support and inspiration, this would never ever have happened. In more ways than I can count.
  • Jazzmin Alexandra, who traveled two thousand clicks to attend my graduation.
  • Marilyn Manzer, for apple pie, insight and conspiration. With you I will fetch that salt from the sea.
  • Sensei Yula, for much more than just the lamb or the acceptance.
  • Sam Lazarus, for linguistic and and mathematical communication.
  • My sisters and brothers, in laws and outlaws, cousins and friends.
  • My audience! I so value your time, you ears and your support!

And thank YOU!

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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