Why Bernie Sanders?

Yes. My dad told me and my siblings way back in the seventies: “…It’s all gonna come down to rich versus poor…”. Another quote of his, about business, was: “First you need an accountant, then you need a lawyer, then you need a politician.” ([wiki]Accountability[/wiki], [wiki]Legality[/wiki], [wiki]Politics[/wiki])

I never came across a walk-the-talk kind of person like Bernie. I mean, Hell! I had to vote for a “Liberal” prime minister in Canada, just to get rid of an even greater evil. Hardly a choice. Don’t get me wrong. Our [wiki title=”Justin Trudeau”]Justin (not the Bieber one)[/wiki] is much preferable to good ole [wiki title=”Stephen Harper”]Stevie[/wiki]. Canadian people now can look forward to smoking weed legally, one day, and numbly become a divisor in the TTP division, without receiving the quotient rightfully theirs:

All Resources / All People = Resources available to single person.

Sounds pretty. Doesn’t it?

Capitalism is a religion that assigns [wiki]personhood[/wiki] to entities who cannot experience empathy, compassion, hunger, love or pain. Success is defined as maximum subversion of the above equation, while maintaining its “truthyness”. Add an extra word, maybe?

All Resources / All People = average Resources available to single person.

Well, the average person only dreams of having average access to resources. Those dreams create average socialist democrats: People who undertake small and large ventures to make average resources available to average people. Social democrats despise war, corporations, inequality and greed.

I don’t believe in voting blocks, Tories, Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. All those characters are meant to distract us from the truth:

The rich are waging war on the poor, creating global poverty to support their wealth.

I’d trade Bernie Sanders for our Canadian Prime Minister anytime…

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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