Four Twenty

Here we go,

Goldman Sachs & Co. just stole the New York primary, and here I am, feeling the Bern. In fact, I feel the #BernOrBust. On October 19, 2015, I was in Toronto. I had voted ABC a week earlier, back home in Nova Scotia. I did that with a heavy heart:

Our local New Democrat candidate got fired by Tom Mulcair for implying that Palestinians were human beings, and the incumbent “conservative” Canadian government was inspiring hate and bigotry. No Bernie Sanders. So I voted for the Trudeau dynasty/brand, even though the Idea of Royal Families like the Bush’s or the Clinton’s rubs me in the very wrong way.

Now I’m stuck with an economically #NeoLiberal Canadian government that has made great strides in several departments. But! My #BerningHeart is bleeding because Trudeau will rush/hush the TTP, among other ugly ideas: “Thank You, Campaign Donors!”.

But today is 4/20 and I have a few laws for the Liberals to pass:

Happy 4/20, Justin, Please keep trying to to even better!

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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