DNC: Divide’N’Conquer: Another case for #BernieOrBust.

Creatures on this planet, in various cultures, have handed down tales of justice for  thousands of years. King David is an example. Some old tales seem to have a caveat: “Scope”.

For ages, leaders of groups, cities and countries, were able to vilify creatures outside their scope to inspire a sense of unity inside, thus achieving power. Justice was only available inside the group. Men, through monopoly on violence, deny women’s rights. Citizens deny rights to foreigners. Pink people deny rights to purple ones.

But the planet keeps getting smaller. Resources more finite. There’s only one group left: Creatures. Non-patent-able creations of mother nature. They are starting to feel empathy and compassion for all. Options to play god became fewer and fewer.

Then we created the most destructive weapon of all: “Legal persons with limited liability”: Corporations. They have more power than any living creature. Frankenstein’s monster. You can’t lock them up. They don’t experience pain. They are not punishable. The most sophisticated Divide’N’Conquer device. Through patent justice they own us all. They can play us against each other without suffering any physical or emotional harm, ever.

The only type of people we should discriminate against, ever, are Corporations. In the 2016 US elections, only Bernie Sanders unites people against corporations. The DNC is doing the opposite. It is uniting corporations, dividing people using various de-facto monopolies.

Published by

Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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