Discrimination, Elections, Corporations


It’s a depressing topic, I think. For starters, I’d like to create an incomplete list of repressed groups of human people, roughly by size of the group.

  1. Woman, comprising roughly 50% of the population, for owning reproductive rights.
  2. People with even less money than us, for failing to achieve even as little as we do.
  3. People of different ethnicity, because we fear the unknown.
  4. People with different beliefs, preferences or sexual identities. They are “wrong”.
  5. People unlike us. They make us uncomfortable.

I’m sure this list could be shorter, longer and much more or less accurate. I am also sure that this list already includes 100% of the human population. Discrimination is a kick-down, kiss-up type of business, includes all of us, and always serves the centralization of power.


The traditional mode of electoral, “democratic” politics has candidates pandering to groups (demographics): “Hey you, hexagonal pantheists! Your interest are best served by voting for me!”. Candidate strategy is about successfully pandering to multiple groups to achieve a majority of votes.

A thinking voter can examine the integrity of such candidates using the following approach.

  1. Observe every candidate pandering to a variety of groups: Diverse groups,  homogeneous groups, rich groups or working, blue collar groups.
  2. Determine Consistency: Truth telling candidates will tell all their audiences the same thing. Liars will hide from one group what they tell to another.
  3. Determine Consistency: Truth tellers change their story less often than liars. Flipping is one thing. Flip-flopping another.
  4. Both, truth tellers and liars seem to believe what they say at the time.

At the end of an “election” there is always a “winner”, who thus is “right”, leaving many disenfranchised.


Oh! I forgot one group of (legal) person: The corporation. This type of (unnatural) person does not experience life, love or compassion. These Immortal gods are created by members of the above listed groups. They have mouthpieces from the above listed groups. They have more might (rights) than any other group. They have more legal power than all other groups combined.
I strongly believe that it is the job of all humans to discriminate against corporations, against the peak of the economic pyramid. This is the enemy against whom we can unite humanity. All of humanity. Let’s embrace human differences and disgrace Frankenstein Monster.

#NoTTP #FeelTheBern #OccupyWallStreet #ImWithJane #ImWithHer #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #StillBernie #BernieSanders

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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