What am I up to?

Here’s the first of a few updates…. What’s Andy been doing?… Scroll to the bottom for a summary 🙂

I’ve attended “Mike Milne’s Monday Mayhem” almost every week this year. That’s one of the places to meet amazing Annapolis Valley musicians…. I found a rhythm section and a horn section there. More L8R.

I called up Caleb Miles, a decade long friend of mine from Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. He had promised me last year to do some guitar-skankin’ for me.  More L8R.

Over the past years I met several amazing recording engineers. I called Scott Hupman. I booked the Hupman Brothers Studio for March 25/26 this year. Talk about an experience.  More L8R.

I found a record company. Ruby Throated Records. More L8R.

What I really want to tell you about: The results of my activities in the last few months will be showcased at the Al Whittle Theatre, on May 6, 2017, at 8pm.

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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