Laura MacDonald

LauraDeepHollowWhat can I say. Of course I met her at a bar/pub. One of those graphic artists who can be seen slinking about musical places. She is, in fact, a company called Deep Hollow Print. And yes, she’s very, very graphic…. She plays Banjo, Guitar and Clarinet. She’s been audio recorded, photographed and admired 🙂

Laura is an ECMA award winner. Of course. Sometimes the music association really hits the right shade of purple…

Her art can be seen on posters for the Hupman Brothers, Ryan Cook, Ruby Throated Records, Night Kitchen and many more. Some of her work can be purchased at the Rolled Oat in Wolfville, the Harvest Gallery. Letterpress stuff.

But here’s the kicker. Well, the thing I am excited about right now. Laura designed my CD artwork for the Valley Vibrations recording, a 10 piece ska/reggae project:

CD front and back


Poster for CD release concert


I’m excited!

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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