Lemuel William Johnson

LemuelJohnsonWhen somebody approaches you late at night, outside a bar, and “offers” you a horn section

…and you say: “yes”….

You dunno whatcha gonna get.

Photo by Wayne Walker

Well, one of the 3 horn players I got is Lemuel William Johnson, born the 9th of September 1990. He’s from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Played drums in church at the tender age of nine. That’s a long journey, just to play with the Valley Vibrations. Having completed his basic education back home, Lemuel did it all: Jobbin’, Giggin’, going to music school, and of course winning competitions. Music must have really done the trick for him, cuz he started searching the all canadian interwebs for universities providing musical degrees. Kinda like throwing darts at a map for a destination and then packing your bags…

Wolfville. Acadia. Good music school. I attempted it once….

For his first year in Wolfville, Lemuel borrowed money. His second year, just done now, was supported by a scholarship from the Bahamas. Now rumors are flying all about town that he is continuing his music degree with help of a scholarship from Acadia. They must really like him. I do. You will, too. I spent a couple days in the studio with him and his buddies. For the Valley Vibrations album, which you can buy here (click). What a hoot! Every time the engineer pressed “record”, this guy come up with sumfin new to play. Turns out he likes Jazz. Friday afternoon. Garden room.

I am currently trying to convince him to also play the Valley Vibrations CD release concert, which takes place at 8pm on May 6th 2017, at the Al Whittle Theatre. It would be the last chance, this season, to hear Lemuel play, in a kind-of-reggae band, with 9 other folx….

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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