Cailun Campbell

CailunPaddysEverybody needs a “George”. I learned this from Darren Arsenault, who co-wrote the first song on my new CD. If you ain’t got no “George”, you ain’t got no nuttin. Once, when I owned a canoe, it was a “George” who fixed it, and it was a “George” who showed me how to pluck it. But heh, I’m “Easily Distracted”…

I met Cailun Campbell when Wolfville had a local radio station for about a week. There was a band from the Windsor area called “Easily Distracted”. Kids! They played live, on air, and I loved them. The bass player, went on to study music at Acadia. I think he’s hovering somewhere around the finish line 🙂

CailunWarChildWhen you go to Paddy’s Pub, in Wolfville, to Mike Milne’s Monday Mayhem, there will be a 93.2% chance of Cailun Campbell performing for you. He might be accompanied by singers, guitar or horn players, or concussionists and the like, connecting them all. When I think of the expressions “By Ear” or “By Heart”, I think of Cailun. Especially the “by Heart” Part. That is the hard part of being a bass player. Once, when I got a chance to play with him, I didn’t even have to ask him: “George, how’re ya doin’?”. I just had to look at Cailun’s smile, holding up four fingers to tell me which chord to play, with a nod to align me with the down beat.

The upright bass has got to be the most sexy instrument on this planet. Hear it on our new record “Valley Vibrations” which you can download (for money) here….

I heard Cailun Campbell accompanied by Justin Wood, John B. Main, Tony Wood, Caleb Miles, Corey McBride, Ken Shorley, Lemuel Johnson, Brett Hepburn, Mike Arbou, Scott Marsters, Cas McCrea, Darren Arsenault, Ariana Nasr and many, many more. Yep, he gets around…

Come see Cailun Campbell play at the Al Whittle Theatre, in Wolfville, on May 6, 2017, at 8pm. He’ll be carrying you to the Caribbean…

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A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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