Thanks to Many!

heart-29328_960_720So I’m releasing a CD next Saturday, at the Whittle. Tickets are still available at the Box of Delights Bookshop in Wolfville ($15) or at the door ($20). I’ve posted things about the band members. There were many, many more people who helped me. And I want to thank those who I remember…

I want to thank my sound engineer, Scott Hupman, for patiently putting up with all the quirks of me and my band, for delivering a wonderful sounding master on time, and for being one of my favourite music dudes in the whole world! Thanks to his brother Ryan Hupman for having us!

Thanks to my songwriting buddies! From Ariana Nasr, Chris Robison, Darren Arsenault and Micah O’Connell to Jamie Junger. Them’s the songs, the lessons, the good times!

Thanks to Kimberly Matheson from my record company “Ruby Throated Records” for doin’ the hand shake with me!

Thanks to John Robichaud for his photography!

There are all those people who booked my band for shows. They gave me an opportunity to test drive my “hammin’ it up”. Great opportunities for me to hone my skill of running a pick-up band. These people include Christine Rogers for giving me monthly Saturdays at Paddy’s Pub. Another one was Ross Patterson, who fed me several Saturday afternoons at the best Pasta Restaurant north of the south pole. And then there is, of course, Mike Milne: If he didn’t book the Vibrations as feature at Mike Milne‘s Monday Mayhem, he let me perform a set with whatever musicians his show attracted. Here’s a sample of that scene…

Mike, the MC of MMMM and my CD Release Concert on May 6th, would assign me 20 minutes on any Monday to stuff my strut. There always were amazing musicians to form new and crazy bands with. I had the honor of playing/practicing with Aaron Knock many times. Awsome! I got to play with Kory Bayer on Giant Cello (horizontal). Stoo-Stoo-Stoo-Studio! I had awesome fun trading skat lines with Malia Rogers. Check her out! I got to hand Scott Marster solo’s. Wail away, dude! I had Graham Howes round out our sound. Learn sumfin! Hanna Clausen and the incomparable Jill Boudreau jumped on stage to back up my vocals.

I remember playing at Dooleys, in New Minas, backed by Jesse Potter and Jamie Loughead of the Chimney Swifts. A completely different backup band!

Thank you Adam Bazinet, for spending that Saturday night fillin’ in fills for my band du jour….

Skat-terizing without open Mic, but with Donna… Jammin’ with the awesome folks at the spaghetti jams

PosterDo you want to experience a 10 piece band doing their darnedest to entertain you? Go to the Al Whittle Theatre on May 6, 2017. You’ll hear 3 horns, 2 guitars, 4 voices, an upright bass and a drum. Entertainment in the double-digits! The music will remind you of Atlantic islands and peninsulas. Although we’ve been asked to play “Beatles” tunes many times in the past couple of months, you’ll hear none of that. The sounds will be a tad more equatorial in nature. “Western Atlantic” might be the most appropriate term for our music.

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