Swiss German?

IMG_20170820_172300Over the past couple of decades, I (co-)wrote a huge amount of songs, in English, mostly for someone else to sing. Now, all of a sudden I find myself surrounded by the language that I learned on the streets of my Swiss hometown. A language that has no grammar or spelling rules, a language that mutates lively from town to town, from year to year.

I decided to write my next project in Swiss German. Here’s a little example:

Dr Seppli het a fründin.
Dr Hans dä het di gliich.
Die Frau die hät as Harem,
Und aina vo däna bin ich.

Do Het ma gern as Stündli,
Und hofft ma chunt mol dra.
Aber s’isch nid eifach… En Ter-
Min muasch do scho ha…

Aifach isch halt d’liabi, und
Schwer isch z’liaba loh.
S’git anderi Lieferanta,
Das muass ma halt verstoh.

Gelbi, grüeni, blaui lüt
Hend alli au es herz.
Miar alli in dem Harem
Miar tailend üsera Schmerz.

PS: I’ve been editing this to be more “Bad Ragaz”-language

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Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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