Im Nochhinein, Swiss German Video

The first music video with Andy Flinn singing in his second native language: Swiss German. This collaborative effort, produced by Brigitte Kindlimann, features visual impressions of Wolfville, Nova Scotia over a backdrop of Swiss German songwriting. A big thank you to all who participated!


  • Brigitte Kindlimann producer, director, videographer
  • Andy Flinn: words, song arrangement, engineering
  • Scott Marsters: electric guitar
  • Jill Boudreau: acting, performing
  • Gershwin: chords, melody

Performers at Paddy’s

The following people are seen performing at Paddy’s Pub in Wolfville. This group of people has been at the centre of Andy’s appearances in this Venue. Some folks call the show “Mike Milne’s Monday Mayhem”, where the local music scene cross breeds and where you see touring acts from out-of-province.

  • Mike Milne: show production, MC
  • Jill Boudreau: celebrity, singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer.
  • Kory Bayer: bass, engineering
  • Aaron Knock: drums
  • Brett Hepburn: trombone
  • Graham Howes: keyboard
  • Justin Wood: engineering
  • Paddy’s Staff: you know who you are!

Musicians at the Noodle Guy

Every Saturday afternoon, folks meet at the Noodle Guy in Port Williams, to eat specialty pasta, to jam or to listen to the music.

  • Guy Breau: Musician and Co-host of Noodle Jams
  • Sandi Marie: Musician and Co-host of Noodle Jams
  • John Lynch: Banjo
  • Chris Hopkin: Guitar, chauffeur
  • Jesse: Steel guitar
  • Tribbles: Ukulele
  • Out of Frame: Jesse Potter, an incredible restaurant staff as well as innocent people.

More Help

  • Coady Marsh: recording beers
  • Hannah Clausen: airport rides, accommodations.
  • Alex Porter and John B. Main: for recording and filming with us for “Uf Em Hund”.
  • Jamie Loughead (Lights for Photo-session)
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