Mach Diar Kai Sorga um d’Vürgangahait (Irish Rover)

I did use the (Irish Rover) arrangement from Mike Milne. His version included a chorus that says something like this twice: “Fare you well, my pretty little girl, for I must go away!”. As you will notice, my Swiss German translation is not about an Irish ship sailing to New York. I remembered an a-capella song I heard from Rick MacNab, “Gashly Crumb Tinies”, where twenty six kids perish on a trip. In both of those songs, everybody dies, though. Here’s the English translation of my German lyrics.

Don't you worry 'bout the past 

A group of students made an excursion
A teacher did the organizing
And nobody thought that you got to watch out
That sometimes something happens
Andy died from brick on his head
Brigitte chocked on piece of braided bread
Carla got caught with a carrot in her eye
And Daniel was robbed of life in a brawl

Don't you worry 'bout the past
What has been has been
Don't you worry 'bout the past
What's gone is gone

Edith sliced during knife play an artery
Fred got zapped by a high voltage wire
Gaby swallowed a razor blade
And Hans, from a harvester in 1000 pieces
Iren feel from a viaduct
A Rattlesnake shortened Jakob's life
Karen was smashed by an express train
And Leo was squashed by a steam roller


Monica was burned in a camp fire
And Norman had his head severed by a scythe
Otto drowned in a pond
And Petra, at the museum, walked into a sword
Quintus was struck by lightening
Rudy was strangled. Susan was shot
Theo bled to death. Ursula chocked
And Verena, on the glacier, fell into a crevasse


Walter, in a bicycle pileup, broke his neck
And Xavier sank into quicksand
Yvonne was battered by a horses hoof
And Zoe's heart just stopped beating


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