Little Birdie with the t@b Groove Co-op

Andy and Ariana perform “Little Birdie” with the t@b Groove Co-op. That’s Adam Bazinet, Chris Robison, Gerry Rogers, Don Osburn, Heather Kelday, Jonathan Biro, Micah O’Connell, Laura MacDonald and Jesse Potter. Camera by Marchell Coulombe.


TripALady (TripALady)

The Valley’s leading Cult/Halloween Band….

Thugs at Bay on Eastlink TV

Produced by Dale Leckie of Eastlink

Thugs at
bay on Eastlink TV

My Song "Water" at AMP Festival 2009


Live at the Whittle DVD (t@b)

Here’s the concert movie

Here’s the trailer…


A Clean and Healthy Choice

Words, Video: Andy Flinn
Music: Ariana Nasr, Andy Flinn


Produced during Andy and Ariana’s first few months in Wolfville…

Words, Music and production by Andy Flinn

Mom's Piano

Produced in Switzerland in 2004