Valley Vibrations

This album is a collaboration, live from the Hupman Brothers studio floor. The band learned and recorded 11 songs on Saturday, March 25. On Sunday they recorded 3 more and re-did a couple. On the following Tuesday the Dearlies added backup vocals to 3 of the songs. 3 Weeks and 3 days later, the disc was mixed, mastered, manufactured and delivered. Launched at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville on May… Continue reading Valley Vibrations

Thanks to Many!

heart-29328_960_720So I’m releasing a CD next Saturday, at the Whittle. Tickets are still available at the Box of Delights Bookshop in Wolfville ($15) or at the door ($20). I’ve posted things about the band members. There were many, many more people who helped me. And I want to thank those who I remember… Continue reading Thanks to Many!

Cailun Campbell

CailunPaddysEverybody needs a “George”. I learned this from Darren Arsenault, who co-wrote the first song on my new CD. If you ain’t got no “George”, you ain’t got no nuttin. Once, when I owned a canoe, it was a “George” who fixed it, and it was a “George” who showed me how to pluck it. But heh, I’m “Easily Distracted”… Continue reading Cailun Campbell

The Dearlies

DealiesPagePicOh dear, where do I start? Oh my dear! I felt it singing in the distance. Then I went to the “Ides of Night Kitchen”. Awesome show. And then “they” topped it off with three singers and a guitar. Oh my Dear! The Dearlies! Continue reading The Dearlies

Michael Arbou

DrumzBoss! He just called me…. “Boss”… How dare he do that! I asked him, nicely, begged, in fact, for him to play with me. He said: “We have to work on it…”. The double-you word. And we did, I’m happy to claim, work together. He does have a way with words. Then he called me “Boss”. I’m outraged! 🙂 Continue reading Michael Arbou

Happy Birthday, Hanspeter Nikolai

watchThis gift comes to you via multiple messengers. One of them Gravel-Fritz, as he was known, because he did shady “gravel” deals up and down the Rhine Valley, in Switzerland. Fritz spent even more time in solitary confinement than your most immediate male ancestor.

Let me explain the engraving on the back of this watch: Continue reading Happy Birthday, Hanspeter Nikolai