Swiss German?

IMG_20170820_172300Over the past couple of decades, I (co-)wrote a huge amount of songs, in English, mostly for someone else to sing. Now, all of a sudden I find myself surrounded by the language that I learned on the streets of my Swiss hometown. A language that has no grammar or spelling rules, a language that mutates lively from town to town, from year to year.

I decided to write my next project in Swiss German. Here’s a little example: Continue reading Swiss German?

Valley Vibrations

This album is a collaboration, live from the Hupman Brothers studio floor. The band learned and recorded 11 songs on Saturday, March 25. On Sunday they recorded 3 more and re-did a couple. On the following Tuesday the Dearlies added backup vocals to 3 of the songs. 3 Weeks and 3 days later, the disc was mixed, mastered, manufactured and delivered. Launched at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville on May… Continue reading Valley Vibrations

Thanks to Many!

heart-29328_960_720So I’m releasing a CD next Saturday, at the Whittle. Tickets are still available at the Box of Delights Bookshop in Wolfville ($15) or at the door ($20). I’ve posted things about the band members. There were many, many more people who helped me. And I want to thank those who I remember… Continue reading Thanks to Many!

Cailun Campbell

CailunPaddysEverybody needs a “George”. I learned this from Darren Arsenault, who co-wrote the first song on my new CD. If you ain’t got no “George”, you ain’t got no nuttin. Once, when I owned a canoe, it was a “George” who fixed it, and it was a “George” who showed me how to pluck it. But heh, I’m “Easily Distracted”… Continue reading Cailun Campbell

The Dearlies

DealiesPagePicOh dear, where do I start? Oh my dear! I felt it singing in the distance. Then I went to the “Ides of Night Kitchen”. Awesome show. And then “they” topped it off with three singers and a guitar. Oh my Dear! The Dearlies! Continue reading The Dearlies

Michael Arbou

DrumzBoss! He just called me…. “Boss”… How dare he do that! I asked him, nicely, begged, in fact, for him to play with me. He said: “We have to work on it…”. The double-you word. And we did, I’m happy to claim, work together. He does have a way with words. Then he called me “Boss”. I’m outraged! 🙂 Continue reading Michael Arbou