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Toon Smith

toonsmith is a brand new web application. it lives at and can be viewed there. It is designed to be used by singer/songwriters, music teachers and students. it allows users to interact with song on a very basic fashion. Check out Micah O’Connel’s “Wanderer” on tunesmith….


toonsmith is about to enter the alpha stage (ready to be tried out by a selected group of alpha-testers)


A modern web browser with webaudio support (chrome, edge, firefox). Chrome is recommended. Safari products are promising webaudio support by version 6+, we have not seen it… 


  • Import lyrics or ABC notated pieces to start a project
  • Add musical information to your lyrics: Bars, beats, chords and melody.
  • Play back songs in any key, any speed, any beat/measure, and other parameters.
  • Enter melody notes via keyboard or fret board diagrams.
  • Mix/mute and change song parameters during playback.
  • Publish to secure https URL’s (similar to YouTube URL’s).
  • chord and melody diagrams for piano various string instruments (guitar, mando, bass etc.) with variable tunings and kapo positions.

how to participate (get access):

  1. create an account on this website by logging in with your favourite social network id (google, facebook, wordpress etc.)
  2. Send a personal message to Andy Flinn, requesting access to toonsmith. If you’re approved, you can then login with the email address that is associated with your account on
  3. when you first log into toonsmith, you may not know a password. After a few failed attempts, toonsmith will offer to send you an access token by email. Use that token for your first successful login.
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