Storming (Chinook)

Diese Platte, aufgenommen in New Sound Studio in Pfäffikon, SZ mit Michael Weilenmann (drums), Thomas Schiefferle (lead guitar) und Walter K (bass/b-vox), Produziert von Peter Hirt.


2 thoughts on “Storming (Chinook)”

  1. Hi i am looking for this album (Stormin’) on vinyl and/or CD. I met you guys (Chinook) once in a club in Bad Ragazz early 80s. I was there with my then friend Martina Gadient from Flums. She had the album at home and i remember listening to the song Donkey Kong Junkie several times and liking it 😉
    If you have any idea where i could get hold of the vinyl, i would be grateful for a hint. Online i can only find downloads. But it often says ‘Remastered 2017’. Was it also released as a vinyl record or CD in 2017?
    Look forward to hearing from you, omar
    P.S. I don’t do Facebook, so couldn’t contact you there…

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