Corey McBride

CoreyAtHupStudioBoy, you need some professional help! (She said). It takes some courage to go find a therapist, you know. I did it anyways. I got me a music therapist. Saxophone player. Not a tiger-cat. A Jazz cat. From Steel Town, Ontario. He’s just now completing his music therapy studies at Acadia University. Lemmetellya: He’s yet another great source of learning: Corey McBride!

Like his friends from the “Sweet Gumbo Horn Collective”, a scary bunch I know through a questionable back-alley deal, he has shared the stage with a multitude of acts. Like “New Digs” and the notorious blues pianist John B. Main. Scuttlebutt had him recording with Curtis Matheson and, recently with the Valley Vibrations.

You wanna hear him play? Go check out the Oro Orchestra, tomorrow at 8pm, at the Wolfville Farmers Market. Balkan dance music. Yes. this fellow is versatile….


Some evil high school music teacher got him hooked on saxophones way back when. The addiction’s still there. He went on the learn Jazz at Mohawk College (2010-2013) and walked away with an advanced Diploma in applied music. A few years later the tides washed him up on the Fundy shores. Later this summer, with a certificate from Acadia, he will likely move to Toronto, a village barely large enough for him…

The other day I bought a lunch at the Rolled Oat Cafe in Wolfville. This guy walked in from the street and just ate it! Man, Oh man! A true musician. While I don’t know him very well, I believe that he’s quite passionate about the inner workings of human beings, passionate about chops, musical ones. He appreciates craftsmanship, learning. Growth. I believe this because I participated in multiple (music) therapy sessions with him.