My new Album, “Troubadour” is about to come out in October. Here’s a YouTube prerelease of it. Since the songs are in Swiss German, it is possible to turn on Closed Captions (CC Button at bottom of Video) to get an English translation of the lyrics.

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Those Who Do Good

This is a “translation” of a Mani Matter song…

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Every Sword ‘s a Forgery

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I’m Gonna Burn Your Igloo Down

A song by Andy Flinn and Darren Arsenault

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In January (Steinberger)

This number stems from revered Swiss cabaretist Emil Steinberger.

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The official, frequent, 5-Year Report

For my Canadian friends, who might wonder, I decided to give you a brief report on my whereabouts, my doings, and my goings-on… It’s been about 5 years since I decided to exist as a simple singer/songwriter.

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Social Media Challenges

On April 9, 2020, my old friend Levant Tinaz presented me with a social media “challenge”

What was I supposed to do?

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Bluenose Cowgirl (Jack MacDonald Cover)

The Match (Mani Matter)

A famous swiss folk song (“I Han es Zündhölzli Azündet”) written by the legendary Mani Matter, translated by Andy Flinn.

And of course, there’s the lyrics

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Andy Flinn sings Mani Matter (in English)

Translated / performed by Andy Flinn. Filmed by Kimberly Smith. Special Thanks to Night Kitchen, Donna Holmes and Ross Chapman. More about the original songwriter here:

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