Flogging a Dead Horse

I love this newly opened art exhibition, #BadRagartz2024! I like being triggered by the works, the associations, the artists and the discussion. I keep coming back to visit a variety of works, and I enjoy getting associative flashes and ideas… Here’s one of the works I was shown by Andy.

“Femtrails” by Dara Maillard
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Prejudice (how I got this Job)

It is very clear to me that i “suffer” from all kinds of prejudice. I hold them based on gender, race, appearance, nationality, religion and many other things. I am very ok with that.

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Bad Ragartz 2024 opens on May the 4th

Every three years the town of Ragaz, Switzerland hosts the largest skulpture exhibit in Europe. I spent a lot of time during April 2024 watching the exhibits being installed. Here’s a video collage with my impressions.

In the park, in town and by the lake, more and more art installations were placed during the month of fools. It became harder and harder to stay away from this place, and I look forward to spending even more time surrounded by countless incredible works from an international assortment of artists.

This will be the 9th installment of this tri-annual exhibition, which draws thousands of art lovers from all corners of the solar system. The show will remain open until the fall of this year.

I cannot even describe how it feels to be buffeted by this tsunami of creativity. How will these skulpures look and feel in the rain, the sun and the wind? Which themes will connect different creations in my mind? How will my impressions change over the summer?

I’m grateful for all these opportunities to visualize the sounds of local musicians, the smells and sounds of this mountain region.

Come see this!

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AI: a Convo with “Bard” from Google

In the leadup to my Album release, i used Google Bard to help me compose a letter in German, in which i ask the owners of a Venue for a room to do my album release in..

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My new Album, “Troubadour” is about to come out in October. Here’s a YouTube prerelease of it. Since the songs are in Swiss German, it is possible to turn on Closed Captions (CC Button at bottom of Video) to get an English translation of the lyrics.

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Playing with AI Visual “Art”

I am by nature a bit of a fundamentalist. When musical performers (DJs) create music by the push of a button on their smartphone, I think of it as cheating. The musical knowledge and skill comes from a software or hardware lab. Human craftsmanship and passion can not compete with the speed and accuracy of machines. It’s difficult to charge money for human musical services when computers provide better sensory overload, faster, louder and more precise.

The Fool on the Hill, created by NightCafe AI
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Those Who Do Good

This is a “translation” of a Mani Matter song…

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Every Sword ‘s a Forgery

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Digital Tip for Andy Flinn

Here you can support Andy Flinn with a Tip of 10 Swiss Francs

I’m Gonna Burn Your Igloo Down

A song by Andy Flinn and Darren Arsenault

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