Kimberly Matheson (Ruby Throated Records)


Kimberly Matheson

Kimberly Matheson is major force in the Annapolis Valley music scene. Besides her own singer/wongwriter CD’s, she’s produced already several compilation CD’s of Nova Scotian talent.  Continue reading Kimberly Matheson (Ruby Throated Records)

Like Coming Home

The Grapevine, May 3rd, 2018

Yeah, that’s what i feel like, right now. Like Coming Home… Kimberly Matheson, instigator, dropped by with a Rolled Oat Lunch and a pre-release mix of the new Ruby Throated Records album. Like Coming Home (Sarah McInnis, Kimberly Matheson, Ellen Torrie, Rebecca Fairless). Continue reading Like Coming Home

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Curtis Matheson

Now here’s a fellow with that Glace Bay, Cape Breton grit and attitude. He’s the lead guitar playing on John B. Main‘s latest disc (Blues on Mainstreet) and has two of his own released as well. I’ve always been impressed with his stage energy and his gutter-snipe confidence. While I often wonder if it’s him or me, who..  Continue reading Curtis Matheson

Valley Vibrations – Release Show Samples

Valley Vibrations – Andy Flinn


The Dearlies

DealiesPagePicOh dear, where do I start? Oh my dear! I felt it singing in the distance. Then I went to the “Ides of Night Kitchen”. Awesome show. And then “they” topped it off with three singers and a guitar. Oh my Dear! The Dearlies! Continue reading The Dearlies

Cailun Campbell

CailunWarChildEverybody needs a George. I learned this from Darren Arsenault, who co-wrote the first song on my new CD. If you ain’t got no George, you ain’t got no nuttin. Once when I owned a canoe, it was a George who fixed it, and it was a George who showed me how to pluck it. But heh, I’m “Easily Distracted”… Continue reading Cailun Campbell

Brett Hepburn

AlleyCatYes, he’s the one! Imagine a fellow like this, approaching you late at night, in an alley: “Hey there…. I can make your dreams come true…. Trust me….”. Turns out he’s the father of evil the Sweet Gumbo Horn Collective. And the substances he offered were live horn harmonies, wailing brass and woodwind solos… Continue reading Brett Hepburn

Caleb Miles

If you want to know what he’s got to say for himself, check out I met him more than 10 years ago. Been hooked ever since. Guitar player, singer, drummer, producer, you name it. And a skankin’ () force behind the Valley Vibrations…. Continue reading Caleb Miles