Uncomfortable BadRagartz2024

“It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people, and disturb comfortable people.” (Woody Guthrie)

folk singer or artist?
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Flogging a Dead Horse

I love this newly opened art exhibition, #BadRagartz2024! I like being triggered by the works, the associations, the artists and the discussion. I keep coming back to visit a variety of works, and I enjoy getting associative flashes and ideas… Here’s one of the works I was shown by Andy.

“Femtrails” by Dara Maillard
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Prejudice (how I got this Job)

It is very clear to me that i “suffer” from all kinds of prejudice. I hold them based on gender, race, appearance, nationality, religion and many other things. I am very ok with that.

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Social Media Challenges

On April 9, 2020, my old friend Levant Tinaz presented me with a social media “challenge”

What was I supposed to do?

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Welcome to the age of McWeed

canada october 17 2018
canada october 17 2018

October 17 has arrived, and the corporate goons supporting Justin Trudeau have great cause for board room celebration. I’ve gone to our government websites to learn about all the wonderful “rights” i have just been issued.

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Cards Against Humanity. Scam or Not?

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tombullock/15711676205

Hi there, Let’s say that I am looking to finagle some income for myself, as in: I’m following links on the internet that promise jobs. Sometimes you come across posts like Cards Against Humanity is looking for Contributing Writers. I’m not going to make any accusations. I will simply explain why this kind of “Job Advertisement” gives me the creeps…

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He, Who Shall Not be Named

Oh, my! Does it feel wonderful to point at him? To shout: “Evil!”, and to cry: “It is not I”? Do I feel better knowing that I am “better”? Do I feel like a leader, dragging my ten friends to his show to laugh at him with insult? Do I want to drag my tribe to a place where he has a microphone and we don’t? Do I trust my friends to listen to the most reasonable voice or do I know they will listen to the loudest one? Continue reading He, Who Shall Not be Named

Banksta Dude

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