Flogging a Dead Horse

I love this newly opened art exhibition, #BadRagartz2024! I like being triggered by the works, the associations, the artists and the discussion. I keep coming back to visit a variety of works, and I enjoy getting associative flashes and ideas… Here’s one of the works I was shown by Andy.

“Femtrails” by Dara Maillard

So, this work was hung at the Giessenpark well before the official opening day of the exhibition. I enjoyed it a lot. It has a gorgeous sense of depth on 6 seemingly flat surfaces.

When i revisited the sculpture, it was hung differently. I still like it just the same. And i started to be curious… Here’s a story from the grapevine…

A rumor is going around that the feminist artist was unhappy with the manner, in which the three double-sided panels were hung. They were, in fact, hung or “erected” by three obviously good looking, strong men of a cool local construction company. Sooo sexy!

Poor fellows must have done a shitty job for the feminist: …my works illustrate and reclaim female power within its long history of oppression…

She must have asked or demanded a re-hanging of the still gorgeous work, probably at extra expenditure for the show organizers, with fewer gorgeous, hunky construction workers, so the job could be done right.

It didn’t make any difference to me. In my opinion, her work would be more wonderful without any implications of victimhood by association.

And the dead horse being flogged is feminism.

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Sunshine Chur

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