Uncomfortable BadRagartz2024

“It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people, and disturb comfortable people.” (Woody Guthrie)

folk singer or artist?

After seeing the #BadRagartz2024 exhibits at the Giessenpark a half dozen times, this one is the most disturbing to me.

I guess I’m a little too comfortable.

The words in the giant suspended triangle, “I AM WHAT”, light up in an irregular sequence, and two loudspeakers uttering the highlighted word with a robotic voice, accompanied by a postapocalyptic soundscape.

The park bench below remains mostly empty.

It reminds me of an ultrasonic rodent repellant device some people use in their dwellings. That’s why i produced a pretty gritty short on YooToob…

the tin-foil-hat version

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