Prejudice (how I got this Job)

It is very clear to me that i “suffer” from all kinds of prejudice. I hold them based on gender, race, appearance, nationality, religion and many other things. I am very ok with that.


I thought Andy was looking for a lover. His daughter apparently told him what he really wants: A manager, an accountant, an agent and other servants to support his existence as an artist. This ended up in an extended conversation, where I called him a sexist.

He laughed.

I laughed.

I bragged about being a digital media expert and web mistress. He admitted that this is a useful type of slave, but he had doubts about females being technically competent.

I proved otherwise. So now he lets me run his web site and use his audio and his visuals. And I dig it.

He still thinks that most woman are technically incompetent.

I agree. I am “special”

Running into a Wall

I’m a runner. I sleep or I run. nothing in between. I sometimes did both at the same time.

Not anymore.

I gave up on sleep-running because I often ran into walls. That’s my learning process. I now pre-judge the idea of sleep-running as potentially disastrous, and avoid it as well as I can…

I still believe that sleep-runnable environments are possible, although unlikely.


I discriminate. I love it. Trial and error works the same for me, in love, in war and other things that are difficult to predict.

I try to correlate success and failure with gender, race, height, size, intelligence, nationality and any other observable properties of the situation, person, place or gut feeling. I train myself in pattern recognition.

Then I discriminate. I want to avoid things that correlate with failure and stick with behaviours and choices that correlate with success.

I interact differently with men and woman.

I interact differently with locals and foreigners.

I (un)dress differently at home and outside.

I want the perceived probability of an outcome to influences my choices.

I will not be shamed for a prejudice that is useful to me and the ones I love!

(picture of a right-wing-nut with a favourite weapon)

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Hi there, Here in Switzerland, i call myself Sunshine. Being a Webmaster for Andy Flinn is a side hustle for me. I am a little older than i admit, and have been using computer graphics for several decades. I am an old school woman and not very ideologically enclined.