Welcome to the age of McWeed

canada october 17 2018
canada october 17 2018

October 17 has arrived, and the corporate goons supporting Justin Trudeau have great cause for board room celebration. I’ve gone to our government websites to learn about all the wonderful “rights” i have just been issued.

Federal Legislation

The federal government of Canada has published a summary of the federal legislation here. It basically states that any adult (18+) in Canada may possess or “share” up to 30 grams of Cannabis. Yes, the document states legal limits for Cannabis and not THC. This raises a pile of questions. One that comes to mind immediately is:

Do I need a drug production license, if i want to raise a crop of low-or-no THC cannabis for industrial use, like paper, textile and building material production?

Enforced strictly, this kind of law would inappropriately protect the wood based pulp and paper industry, or the cotton and petrochemical textile industries. I can just imagine those Canadian majority shareholders and CEO’s in the natural resource industries laughing all the way to the bank…

Make me puke.

Oh, yes, another thing: The Canadian leadership now graciously permits adults (18+) within its jurisdiction is to grow up to four (4) cannabis plants, which will produce between 0 and a few thousand grams of fun to consume flowers (buds). Yeah, it’s kind of like limiting alcohol consumption or production to 4 “bottles”, regardless of bottle size or alcohol concentration. Is the Canadian government really that stupid?

And here’s the kicker to the grow-your-own legislation: The DoJ specifically states that we may only grow our own “from licensed seed or seedlings“.

Now what the f**k is a “licensed” seed?

Are they telling us they can identify and distinguish a seed from millions of other seeds and then check in a database if that singular seed has been issued a license from our cherished leaders?

Or are they telling us that we’re not allowed to seed-save, which is one of the oldest agricultural concepts?

Or are they telling us that the seeds or seedlings must be purchased from the corporate sponsors of our government?

Wait, it gets MUCH worse.

The limit of 4 grow-your-own plants is “per residence”, and not per adult.

This basically means that the poorer an adult is, the less cannabis they’re allowed to grow on their own

Just picture those 6 millenials: They voted liberal, and they share an apartment in a seedy (ha ha) part of Toronto. They’ll each be allowed to grow more than half a plant! How nice! And the single CEO with a condo downtown, a cottage up north and 8 empty investment properties, will be allowed to produce 40 plants, just for himself.

This section is probably the most shameful portion of the entire “legalization”…