Playing with AI Visual “Art”

I am by nature a bit of a fundamentalist. When musical performers (DJs) create music by the push of a button on their smartphone, I think of it as cheating. The musical knowledge and skill comes from a software or hardware lab. Human craftsmanship and passion can not compete with the speed and accuracy of machines. It’s difficult to charge money for human musical services when computers provide better sensory overload, faster, louder and more precise.

The Fool on the Hill, created by NightCafe AI

Now, as I’m approaching the completion of my latest songwriter album, I require some artwork, some copy writing and other stuff. The problem is: I’m too poor to pay for the hours of a graphic artist, and too lazy and incapable of doing it myself. AI now offers me the opportunity to publish eye candy as my own creation, even though more than 99 percent of the labor involved was done by unknown engineers at mega-companies. Should I strut, dressed in other birds feathers?

Landscape Pictures

Portrait Pictures

Album Covers