Take a Little Step (Ask You Sister)

Bass and Audio by Andy Flinn

Good to be Home (Official Video)

Little Birdie with the t@b Groove Co-op

Andy and Ariana perform “Little Birdie” with the t@b Groove Co-op. That’s Adam Bazinet, Chris Robison, Gerry Rogers, Don Osburn, Heather Kelday, Jonathan Biro, Micah O’Connell, Laura MacDonald and Jesse Potter. Camera by Marchell Coulombe.


TripALady (TripALady)

The Valley’s leading Cult/Halloween Band….

My Song "Water" at AMP Festival 2009


Live at the Whittle DVD (t@b)

Here’s the concert movie

Here’s the trailer…


A Clean and Healthy Choice

Words, Video: Andy Flinn
Music: Ariana Nasr, Andy Flinn


Produced during Andy and Ariana’s first few months in Wolfville…

Words, Music and production by Andy Flinn

Mom's Piano

Produced in Switzerland in 2004