I like to show my like, standing toe to toe.
I like to express my like without address.
I like to display my like my own way
I like to reveal my like by touch’n’feel.

The stricture, for book face, when taking a picture, a-
lone in a group, with my phone, (Which is making a
tone when I click. Can’t turn it off, ain’t that
sick.). It’s gotta look slick in a Feed, that’s an

absolute need. Got to do upload with
gigabit speed. Attach to a note, with a
most witty quote. Something that spikes, coast to
coast, the count of the likes on my post. The a-

mount of the shares. Something that snares the at-
tention of all of my two thousand six hundred
fifty three friends. And that ain’t by far where it
ends. Submit for a vote, including the

quote, reply to more comments than anyone
wrote. The more people rant and rave on my
page, the better my site, the brighter the
light that shine on my stage. I’m running my

station, I broadcast my life, to my very own
nation, my very own, alone in a
group, with my phone, like drone, turn into
stone into dust, and life is postponed.

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