Brett Hepburn

AlleyCatYes, he’s the one! Imagine a fellow like this, approaching you late at night, in an alley: “Hey there…. I can make your dreams come true…. Trust me….”. Turns out he’s the father of evil the Sweet Gumbo Horn Collective. And the substances he offered were live horn harmonies, wailing brass and woodwind solos…

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It was a few weeks after that late night run-in with Brett that I ran into him again. At an open (no) mike (and Donna), where he sang “Ophelia”, while accompanying himself on guitar. I said to myself: “That’s the bone player I been dreamin’ of!”. Sweetest sense of melody! Just went to show me: You think someone is just a bone, then surprise you. Guitar like a stone. I was blown away by the voice. And a bone for the Vibrations. Trom-bone. A rarest rarity, that man!

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This last Saturday, he was jammin’ with a few friends at the local pub, trading’ solos with mostly Scott Marsters, grounded by Adam Bazinet and Cailun Campbell. 3 hours of jazz tainted reggae-folk. Later that night, he hosted an after hours jam at his attic-pad on main street. Of course, I learned a lot. Things I might have seen sooner. This fellow connects. He’s becoming that twilight star in my universe. Whenever it lights up, I find myself in a group of passionate, creative people. I blame him for attracting them. I think he oozes leadership. And modesty. Unwarranted, out of place modesty, sometimes. But heh, he’s a true Nova Scotian, from the Coldbrook region. A magnet for shared musical experience.

Oh yes, I owe it to Brett to appropriately missquote him. He say’s: “My favourite Band is VULFPEK.”

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