The Dearlies

DealiesPagePicOh dear, where do I start? Oh my dear! I felt it singing in the distance. Then I went to the “Ides of Night Kitchen”. Awesome show. And then “they” topped it off with three singers and a guitar. Oh my Dear! The Dearlies!

If you’re interested in awesome singers, check out The Dearlies page and “like” it.

There are rare moments in my life, when a musical performance bypasses my ever churning mind. When I sit in an audience, and it disappears. When I have plans, and I forget. When I might see, and hear, and all that’s left is an experience that goes straight to the heart. That is The Dearlies.

I just added the word “Dearlies” to my laptops dictionary, since my spell checker, scandalously, refused to approve my typing of this word.

Like their music, their checkered, combined past is like an image of the Valley music scene. They have put Berwick and the Union Street Cafe on my world map. They have connected kitchens, food, music, love and family. I have seen each and every one of them perform with a great variety of musicians.

They (The Dearlies) are Jenny Osburn, Meagan Osburn, and Rebecca MacDonald. Osburn as in Don and Anna, founders of the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville. MacDonald as in Nova Scotia. They all come from a background of singing and cooking, harmonizing and songwriting.

Gosh, I luv ‘em!

And they helped me record “Valley Vibrations”, which you can purchase/download here.

They also can be seen singing at the Valley Vibrations CD release concert, at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, on May 6, 2017.