Ralph Wagner

Ralph Wagner, sound dude…

Ralph is a member of one of the oldest punk bands in the Bad Ragaz area. When he’s not restoring old Ferrari cars or hanging with his family or band, he occupies himself with digital audio recording technology. The follow oozes calm competency and Andy, of course, took full advantage…

On Friday, the 5th of July, Ralph reconfigured the rehearsal space of his band “Linksvortritt” so that Andy was able to perform to an audience of one couch potato (Edi Thut) while being simultaneously recorded into a digital audio workstation. In the course of the proceedings, Ralph optimized mic positions, duct-taped sources of extraneous noise, wore a coproducers hat and kept the proceedings moving forward smoothly.

The result is the brand new Swiss German Andy Flinn album “Bad Ragaz“, named after the Town in which most of the audio and video footage was captured.

Very promptly Ralph delivered mixed master “tapes”, ready for distribution. His work is now available on Google Music, Spotify and many other popular music sites.

Thanks You, Ralph!