Corey McBride

CoreyAtHupStudioBoy, you need some professional help! (She said). It takes some courage to go find a therapist, you know. I did it anyways. I got me a music therapist. Saxophone player. Not a tiger-cat. A Jazz cat. From Steel Town, Ontario. He’s just now completing his music therapy studies at Acadia University. Lemmetellya: He’s yet another great source of learning: Corey McBride! Continue reading Corey McBride

Lemuel Johnson

LemuelJohnsonWhen somebody approaches you late at night, outside a bar, and “offers” you a horn section…

…and you say: “yes”….

You dunno whatcha gonna get. Continue reading Lemuel Johnson

True Stories (Squeezy Bob)

Welsh Caper Squeezy Bob is an instigator and shananigator. I was lucky to produce a quickie for him: His latest album “True Stories”. Continue reading True Stories (Squeezy Bob)

Wolfville Ghostwalk 2013

Jeremy Novak, Mr. Valley Ghost Walk, approached me a few months ago to record some of the Wolfville Ghost Walk monologues…

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Rick MacNab

Rick MacNab is one of the first artists I met when I moved to the Valley in 2005. It is funny how some human beings can leave a permanent impression, without interacting much with me, or without countless heart-to-heart conversations. I will write about him, without consulting him, without his permission.

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Alex Porter

I’ve heard this fellow perform with the Annapolis Valley cult band “TripALady”, The Hupman Brothers Band, Jack McDonald (Updog), Sarah Pound, and many many others.

Scott Hupman

Scott Hupman is one of the most versatile musicians on the Canadian east coast. His voice, guitar and bass playing, as well as his production and engineering can be heard on countless top-notch productions. The ECMA award winning “Counting Quarters” just being one example. Andy Flinn’s Valley Vibrations another 🙂 …  Continue reading Scott Hupman

Joe Murphy

One of John B. Main’s mentors and a living legend on the Canadian east coast blues scene. As special guest on John’s “Blues on Mainstreet” CD, he contributes some his signature harmonica sounds. He was in the Hood during the 2016 Deep Roots Music Festival and is knows for foster new blues talent on the greater Halifax area.

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Scott Marsters

Scott Marsters
Scott Marsters

It probably would ‘ave been 2012 or so, when Scott Marsters became old enough to play at a bar. At Paddy’s, actually. And bands have lined up, since, for his guitar playing. He’s got a recording out, and now he’s played with more cool musicians than I know. Right now, Scott is the in-house electric dude ’round here…

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Brigitte Kindlimann

Brigitte Kindlimann
Brigitte Kindlimann, Wolville 2018

I remember Brigitte Kindlimann from ’round 2004 or so, at my local in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. She had a rat on her shoulder. It was that same place, a bar called “Beatz”, where we started getting into things artsy and musical last year. A relentlessly creative spirit, mother of two, supporter of the arts and a digital media aficionado. Continue reading Brigitte Kindlimann