Yellow Bird (Monton/Bergman)

Where did this song come from? It was written originally in [wiki title=”Haitian_Creole”]Haitan Creole[/wiki] by [wiki title=”Michel_Mauléart_Monton”]Michel Mauléart Monton[/wiki], and called [wiki title=”Choucoune (song)”]Choucoune[/wiki]. English lyrics by [wiki title=”Alan_and_Marilyn_Bergman”]Alan and Marilyn Bergman[/wiki]


[E]Yellow [E]bird, up [B]high in banana [E]tree.
[E]Yellow [E]bird, you [B]sit all alone like [E]me.

[A]Did your lady friend, [E]leave the nest again?
[B]That is very sad, [E]makes me feel so bad.
[A]You can fly away, [E]in the sky away..
[B]you’re more lucky than [E]me. [E]

[E]I also have a [A]pretty girl, [B]she’s not with me, to[E]day.
[E]They’re all the same, the [A]pretty girls..[B]make them the nest..
[B]then they fly a[E]way. [E]

[E]Yellow [E]bird, up [B]high in banana [E]tree.
[E]Yellow [E]bird, you [B]sit all alone like [E]me.

[A]Better fly away, [E]in the sky away.
[B]Picker coming soon, [E]pick from night to noon.
[A]Black on yellow, you, [E]like banana, too.
[B]They might pick you some[E]day. [E]

[E]Wish that I were a [A]yellow bird..[B]I’d fly away with [E]you.
[E]But I am not a [A]yellow, [B]here I sit, [B]nothing
else to [E]do. [E]

[E]Yellow [E]bird..[E]yellow [E]bird..[E]yellow [E]bird..

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