Stop Making Cheese (Look People)

StopMakingCheeseAndy Flinn co-wrote a few songs on this 4 song EP (12″/45rpm) by the Look People, a 80’s Toronto cult band….

The band formed in 1985 around the lineup of vocalist Jaymz Bee, guitarist Andy Flinn, bassist Walter K., drummer Mike Weilenman and percussionist Bob Scott. Flinn subsequently left the band and was replaced by Fabio Marc Baltensperger; Baltensperger in turn left and was replaced by Longo Hai. Wilenman quit before their first recording, leaving Bob Scott to fill the chair as drummer and percussionist.[1]


A1 Stop Making Cheee
A2 Quasi Mowtown
B1 Dancing On Fire
B2 Cookie Man

Published by

Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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