Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

The story of a couples first escape from Toronto

The musician couple, one of them the owner of this website, tired of hogtown hogging all their attention, decided to pack up and go west, in a used minivan. They were dreaming of a place where music occupies their lives, where humans are rare, and creativity blows through the landscape.

They blew most of their cash on more instruments and recording gear and head out of town on the Don Valley Parkway, up the 404. Barely past Steeles, Captain Murphy rears his ugly head.

They’re out of gas! The dad of the girl had to rush to the rescue with a canister of petro-energy from Richmond Hill to get them back on the road. T’was a long trip…

…and at long last, they found a cute cabin in woods of interior British Columbia

They named themselves “Thugs at Bay” and created an instrumental concept album you’re listening to right now.

The album was exactly one hour long. It had 28 two minute pieces, and four one minute pieces, and it ended with an alarm sound.

The album/CD came with a manual that explained, which tune you had to start listening to in order to get a good one hour nap, or to boil an egg.

They created their very own computer program to edit and composit videos and created, before the turn of the millenia, ahead of their time, videos like this one.

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