Invincible (Ask Your Sister)


Eye to Eye (Andy and Ariana)

Stan Carew,the host of Weekend Mornings on CBC Radio, listed this album among 10 best of 2013:

“…Andy Flinn and his life and musical partner Ariana Nasr live in Wolfville and put out a CD called Eye To Eye, which is quirky, exotic and enjoyable. Ariana has a lovely voice, and the two of them write songs about the life they live in the Annapolis Valley. The small joys of Early Morning Gaspereau, Rising With the Moon, Dancing The Answer and the title track feature arrangements that are rhythmic and percussive with flutes and violins adding a worldly texture…”

Good to be Home (Andy and Ariana)


Seeking Commotion (Andy and Ariana)

Look at them Apples (Thugs at Bay)


New Teeth on Stage (Thugs at Bay)

Live at the Whittle DVD (t@b)

Here’s the concert movie

Here’s the trailer…


Thugs at Bay (Thugs at Bay)

Another 8th of December release…


A Canadian in Berlin (t@b)

Andy and Ariana’s first “made-in-NS” record…


Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

The story of a couples first escape from Toronto

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