Music East: Mad Geniuses of the New Millennium

PDF of original publication: music_east_august_2009

A few choice quotes:

“There beside her stood Andy, a jester, irony permanently implanted on his face, simultaneously singing backup, playing guitar, and drumming (he plays the drums backwards, his feet working the pedals as his body sways in a canny, weaving two-step).”

“Like the equally necessary folk trio, the folk duo is a structure that dare not die. In the world at large the number of folk duos is at this moment burgeoning with a vengeance. With T@b it has been not propped up and resuscitated but ingeniously recreated.”

“As if it weren’t enough to manifest an amazing creative force, Ariana Nasr and Andy Flinn are at the vanguard of a global and local movement to transform the music industry from a castle fortress to a sprawling, thriving, peasant village.”

Published by

Andy Flinn

A songwriting multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, engineer.

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