My Rollin' R's

[E]I have been [E]making Nova [A]Scotia my [E]home.
From [E]Sidney to [E]Wolfville to [A]Yarmouth I [E]roam.
A [E]come from a[E]way. An [A]accent I [E]sport.
[E]Vowels and [E]consonants i [B7]do dis[E]tort.

[E]I get a [E]lot of “[A]where are ya [E]from?”
[E]Who is your [E]dad? [A]Who is your [E]mom?
[E]I get that [E]question in [A]markets and [E]bars,
[E]Thanks to my [E]beautiful [B7]rolling [E]R’s.

Of [E]course, in [E]fact, as [A]some people [E]guess.
[E]My heri[E]tage is a [A]big tangled [E]mess.
Mafi[E]oso and [E]Viking, [A]Jodler and [E]Kraut.
[E]Soldier and [E]Hippie. [B7]Drinker of [E]stout.

[E]You can reco[E]gnize me by [A]many a [E]thing
My [E]clothing, my [E]smile, or [A]by the way that I [E]sing.
My [E]hair, my [E]mouth, or [A]some of my [E]scars.
But [E]mostly, my [E]rocking and [B7]rolling [E]R’s.

[A]It isn’t [E]fake. [A]It is no [E]farce.
[B7]rollickin’ [B7]rambling, [B7]rolling [E]R’s.
[A]I wish I could [E]package and [A]sell em in [E]jars.
My [B7]roaring and [B7]rounded [B7]rolling [E]R’s

But [E]mostly, I [E]think, and [A]I thank the [B7]stars
for my [B7]racy, [B7]romantic and [B7]rolling [E]R’s

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