Blues On Mainstreet (John B. Main, RTR)

John B. Main‘s new Album! At the end of an awesome time in Wolfville, ’round summer 2017, John and I shared the same horn section and various other stage pals. This album is like an audio photograph of that period in his career, with a group of established and new fellow musicians… A sample of the vibe

is John’s own song “No Scotch, No Gin”

Of course you’ll hear classic standards like “Blow Wind Blow” (Muddy Waters), The Devil is a Busy Man” (Sunnyland Slim), “The Sky is Crying” (Elmore James) and several others….



  • Kory Bayer (recording engineer)
  • Scott Hupman (mixing/mastering engineer)
  • Andy Flinn and Ruby Throated Records (production)