Fine Felt Hat (Mike Milne)

Produced by Andy Flinn (Bass/Guitar)

Review: Well Prepared to Ramble Album Review: Fine Felt Hat – Mike Milne | The Grapevine

“…Andy Flinn’s recording studio has fashioned yet another professional accomplishment, with Mike’s rich vocals coming out clear and booming…”

Fine Felt Had album cover

Big Mouth and the Old Oak (Micah O'Connell)

This one also well cover in Nova Scotia. Andy Flinn is the producer and engineer. Check out title track below… Continue reading Big Mouth and the Old Oak (Micah O'Connell)

Seeking Commotion (Andy and Ariana)

Look at them Apples (Thugs at Bay)


New Teeth on Stage (Thugs at Bay)

Live at the Whittle DVD (t@b)

Here’s the concert movie

Here’s the trailer…


Thugs at Bay (Thugs at Bay)

Another 8th of December release…


A Canadian in Berlin (t@b)

Andy and Ariana’s first “made-in-NS” record…


Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

The story of a couples first escape from Toronto

Continue reading Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

Squirrel Pools (Squirrel Pools)

This one includes Ariana Nasr, Longo Hai, Richard Underhill, Chris Gartner, David Christensen, Derek Andrew Orford, Geoff Bennett, Great Bob Scott, John Kitamura, Kyree Vibrant, Roger Clown and Wally Jericho.