Sara and Kamila (Sara and Kamila)

Produced by Ariana Nasr:

Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

The story of a couples first escape from Toronto

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Squirrel Pools (Squirrel Pools)

This one includes Ariana Nasr, Longo Hai, Richard Underhill, Chris Gartner, David Christensen, Derek Andrew Orford, Geoff Bennett, Great Bob Scott, John Kitamura, Kyree Vibrant, Roger Clown and Wally Jericho.

Stop Making Cheese (Look People)

Andy Flinn co-wrote a few songs on this 4 song EP (12″/45rpm) by the Look People


A1 Stop Making Cheee
A2 Quasi Mowtown
B1 Dancing On Fire
B2 Cookie Man


Storming (Chinook)


Gruusig Schliimig (Chinook)