Scott Hupman

Scott Hupman is one of the most versatile musicians on the Canadian east coast. His voice, guitar and bass playing, as well as his production and engineering can be heard on countless top-notch productions. The ECMA award winning “Counting Quarters” just being one example. Andy Flinn’s Valley Vibrations another 🙂 …  Continue reading Scott Hupman

Mom's Piano

Produced in Switzerland in 2004

Joe Murphy

One of John B. Main’s mentors and a living legend on the Canadian east coast blues scene. As special guest on John’s “Blues on Mainstreet” CD, he contributes some his signature harmonica sounds. He was in the Hood during the 2016 Deep Roots Music Festival and is knows for foster new blues talent on the greater Halifax area.

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Sara and Kamila (Sara and Kamila)

Produced by Ariana Nasr:

Tic Tac (Thugs at Bay)

Tic Tac, the time piece, a 60 minute concept album…

A Canadian in Berlin

Filmed in and around Argenta, BC, Canada, Summer 1999

Word and Music: Andy Flinn

Video Production by Ariana Nasr using Zweistein.

Discography: A Canadian in Berlin

Squirrel Pools (Squirrel Pools)

This one includes Ariana Nasr, Longo Hai, Richard Underhill, Chris Gartner, David Christensen, Derek Andrew Orford, Geoff Bennett, Great Bob Scott, John Kitamura, Kyree Vibrant, Roger Clown and Wally Jericho.

Scott Marsters

Scott Marsters
Scott Marsters

It probably would ‘ave been 2012 or so, when Scott Marsters became old enough to play at a bar. At Paddy’s, actually. And bands have lined up, since, for his guitar playing. He’s got a recording out, and now he’s played with more cool musicians than I know. Right now, Scott is the in-house electric dude ’round here…

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Don't Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)

[wiki]Don’t Worry, Be Happy[/wiki] was penned by [wiki]Bobby McFerrin[/wiki] and released in 1988…

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Stop Making Cheese (Look People)

Andy Flinn co-wrote a few songs on this 4 song EP (12″/45rpm) by the Look People


A1 Stop Making Cheee
A2 Quasi Mowtown
B1 Dancing On Fire
B2 Cookie Man