“Other People’s Fault” (Chris Robison Cover)

First recorded by Chris Robison on his “Bad Songs” album, and covered in English by Andy Flinn on his Valley Vibrations album, this song is one of Chris’ most popular songs…

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Sisch Immer Znacht am Zwai

Recorded by Ralph Wagner.

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What a Wonderful World

(original written by Bob Thiele (George Douglas) + George David Weiss)

Swiss German version of an “Armstrong-Tune”
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Liaber Allai (Adam Bazinet Cover)

Original Song: “I Get Up” by Adam Bazinet

This Adam Bazinet tune was translated to Swiss German during the Spring 2019 in Wolfville. I´m just learning to play it.

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At the Regulars Table (Am Stammtisch)

Am Stammtisch (At the Regulars Table)
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Keepin’ it Cool

From the Same Cup

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Truth I Got in Many Shades

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Banksta Dude

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