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I’m Gonna Burn Your Igloo Down

A song by Andy Flinn and Darren Arsenault

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In January (Steinberger)

This number stems from revered Swiss cabaretist Emil Steinberger.

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The official, frequent, 5-Year Report

For my Canadian friends, who might wonder, I decided to give you a brief report on my whereabouts, my doings, and my goings-on… It’s been about 5 years since I decided to exist as a simple singer/songwriter.

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Dirty Old Town (German)

Can’t be Irish, this Song (Not everybody dies). Funny how, after translating it to Swiss German, I kind of think of it now as a Blues Song. Reminds me of Bob Connon

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St. Louis Blues

This post, again, deals with Levant Tinaz’s Challenge to post ten album covers in 10 days. They’re supposed to represent major influences in my musical tastes…

I guess I’m slow. This is the second post in 158 days… 79 times too slow?!?!?

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Social Media Challenges

On April 9, 2020, my old friend Levant Tinaz presented me with a social media “challenge”

What was I supposed to do?

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Bluenose Cowgirl (Jack MacDonald Cover)

Get Up, Stand Up (Marley in Swiss German)

I Bin dr Fredi Milchma (Tom Lewis)

This is a song by Tom Lewis, and I learned it from playing and recording with my good friend Mike Milne.

This song is about a man who was integral to life in the Swiss town I grew up in… a man I knew a half a century ago, who’s job I’m now doing. The English (this) version of the blog entry is probably more of a report on what I’ve been up to in the last year.

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