The Match (Mani Matter)

A famous swiss folk song (“I Han es Zündhölzli Azündet”) written by the legendary Mani Matter, translated by Andy Flinn.

And of course, there’s the lyrics

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Mach Diar Kai Sorga um d’Vürgangahait (Irish Rover)

I did use the (Irish Rover) arrangement from Mike Milne. His version included a chorus that says something like this twice: “Fare you well, my pretty little girl, for I must go away!”. As you will notice, my Swiss German translation is not about an Irish ship sailing to New York. I remembered an a-capella song I heard from Rick MacNab, “Gashly Crumb Tinies”, where twenty six kids perish on a trip. In both of those songs, everybody dies, though. Here’s the English translation of my German lyrics.

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The “Most Beautiful Songwriter”…

A local paper, the Sarganserländer (Nadine Bantli) wrote an Andy Flinn portrait, in connection with my upcoming Album release for “Bad Ragaz“, with a heading on the front page…

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A Beautiful Human (Mike Aubé / Andy Flinn)

Music by Mike Aubé (Dashboard Jesus). Lyrics by Andy Flinn.

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“Other People’s Fault” (Chris Robison Cover)

First recorded by Chris Robison on his “Bad Songs” album, and covered in English by Andy Flinn on his Valley Vibrations album, this song is one of Chris’ most popular songs…

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Ralph Wagner, sound dude…

Ralph is a member of one of the oldest punk bands in the Bad Ragaz area. When he’s not restoring old Ferrari cars or hanging with his family or band, he occupies himself with digital audio recording technology. The follow oozes calm competency and Andy, of course, took full advantage…

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Sisch Immer Znacht am Zwai

Recorded by Ralph Wagner.

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What a Wonderful World

(original written by Bob Thiele (George Douglas) + George David Weiss)

Swiss German version of an “Armstrong-Tune”
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Liaber Allai (Adam Bazinet Cover)

Original Song: “I Get Up” by Adam Bazinet

This Adam Bazinet tune was translated to Swiss German during the Spring 2019 in Wolfville. I´m just learning to play it.

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At the Regulars Table (Am Stammtisch)

Am Stammtisch (At the Regulars Table)
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