Im Nochhinein, Swiss German Video

The first music video with Andy Flinn singing in his second native language: Swiss German. This collaborative effort, produced by Brigitte Kindlimann, features visual impressions of Wolfville, Nova Scotia over a backdrop of Swiss German songwriting. A big thank you to all who participated!

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Cards Against Humanity. Scam or Not?

photo by:

Hi there, Let’s say that I am looking to finagle some income for myself, as in: I’m following links on the internet that promise jobs. Sometimes you come across posts like Cards Against Humanity is looking for Contributing Writers. I’m not going to make any accusations. I will simply explain why this kind of “Job Advertisement” gives me the creeps…

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Bad Ragaz

The first Swiss German album of Andy Flinn.

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He, Who Shall Not be Named

Oh, my! Does it feel wonderful to point at him? To shout: “Evil!”, and to cry: “It is not I”? Do I feel better knowing that I am “better”? Do I feel like a leader, dragging my ten friends to his show to laugh at him with insult? Do I want to drag my tribe to a place where he has a microphone and we don’t? Do I trust my friends to listen to the most reasonable voice or do I know they will listen to the loudest one? Continue reading He, Who Shall Not be Named

Working on Swiss German Hoochie Coochie Man

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Alex Porter, Drums and Percussion

Doing something as simple and primal as beating sticks on skins, Alex Porter worked for Erin Costello, TripALady, Jack, The Hupman Brothers, Curtis Matheson, Ask Your Sister and all kinds of jazz cats around. He is the mysterious drummer on John Main‘s latest recording, “Blues on Mainstreet“.

Now he’s on a Swiss version of an ole blues song.

Andy Flinn sings Mani Matter (in English)

Translated / performed by Andy Flinn. Filmed by Kimberly Smith. Special Thanks to Night Kitchen, Donna Holmes and Ross Chapman. More about the original songwriter here:

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Shootin’ Week Comin’ to an End

We just finished an intense week working on the first music video for my new Swiss-German album “Bad Ragaz”, due out in August.

The release of the video will be coordinated with the Produces Brigitte Kindlimann over the next week.

Blues On Mainstreet (John B. Main, RTR)

John B. Main‘s new Album! At the end of an awesome time in Wolfville, ’round summer 2017, John and I shared the same horn section and various other stage pals. This album is like an audio photograph of that period in his career, with a group of established and new fellow musicians… A sample of the vibe Continue reading Blues On Mainstreet (John B. Main, RTR)

John B. Main

Goovin’ the Keys

John B. Main is a 21 year old blues singer/pianist, music therapy student and one of the most interesting new performers and band leaders. He’s already played with a host of award winning “old fellows” and I’ve already heard him hailed as Canada’s best blues pianist. Continue reading John B. Main